Monday, September 22, 2003

Clear Channel PR

Hmm, I guess's it's not just Neil Young and the Dixie Chicks who have less than warm feelings for Clear Channel. It seems there's some anti-Clear Channel feelings out there in Blogdale.

From No Rock and Roll Fun blog comes a link on more Clear Channel PR.

Here's what StainMaster Productions had to say about CC: "So Clear Channel says they aren't the big, bad corporate monster that everyone thinks they are. Check out their Know The Facts page to see their side of the argument. Here's my analysis: there are 13,418 radio stations in America. CC says they 'only' own 9%, and that the top ten media conglomerates 'only' own 43% of radio stations nationwide, compared to the 60%+ market share of conglomerates in cable, film and recording industries. If you take 9% of 13,418 you get over 1,200 stations! Now divide that by the top 150 markets, which must reach at least 90% of the population, and you've got an average of 8 stations per market. "

And from The ROCK AND ROLL Report a "Could it Happen to Clear Channel?" link to antiMUSIC - musicNEWS Sept 2003: Bad News For Clear Channel.


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