Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Three Indie-Pop Performers Sizzle at the Black Cat, Washington, DC

From ( on October 15, 2003:

"The Black Cat put on a three-course feast for indie-pop lovers Monday night, and the offerings from Matt Suggs, John Vanderslice and headliners Beulah added up to a varied and tasty evening.

'How did you get so big? Did you eat too much?' asked Beulah's 'Fooled With the Wrong Guy,' and that song from the San Francisco sextet's brooding new album, 'Yoko,' distilled their onstage approach: whereas the recorded version tiptoes around a relaxed banjo hook, Monday's live incarnation strutted like Neil Young circa 1969. So it went for most of the band's songs, rather roughly dragged from their lush California pop casings and given a proper smacking about, led by Bill Swan's trumpet, Miles Kurosky's grainy vocals and the exuberant thump of drummer Danny Sullivan. Rumors that this would be Beulah's final tour have floated around the band this year, but the unit that rambled through established pop epiphanies 'Emma Blowgun's Last Stand' and 'Gravity's Bringing Us Down' and new gems like 'Hovering' seemed to be having way too much fun to pack it in anytime soon. "

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