Friday, November 07, 2003

James William Hindle and Neil Young

From reallyrather:

"Spanning the spectrum between Neil Young and Simon & Garfunkel, James William Hindle has hit a rich vein of robustly melodic but soft-hearted songwriting. You will be safe and Hollow bodies are a great pair of gnarly chuggers a la Nadine; Doubt and Celebration lovely waltz-time plunkers garlanded with some spangly, twangly guitar. The shuffling, harmonica-laced campfire ditty Country song and jaunty Hoboken (think Bright side of the road as done by whimsical indie boy not Belfast bruiser) both score. Best of the bunch, however, are Come down slowly and Shadows cast a lie, shimmering, mid-tempo grooves which do all you hope they might - no wrong turns, natty solos, perfect hooks, and tambourines! There's a '70s feel to the last pair which isn't flagged up quite so obviously as on Josh Rouse's latest, but fans of his will feel right at home in Prospect Park."


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