Sunday, January 18, 2004

Sun Kil Moon 'Ghosts of the Great Highway' - Something like Neil?

From Wall Street Opinion Journal on rock-music for fans 40 years old and beyond BY JIM FUSILLI. An interesting listing which includes 'Take Them On, On Your Own' by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, 'Feast of Wire' by Calexico, and 'North' by Elvis Costello.

Fusilli also includes Sun Kil Moon's latest 'Ghosts of the Great Highway' (Jet Set):

"Mark Kozelek, formerly of the dour Red House Painters, has a new project that's about the best thing he's ever done. Quiet, introspective ballads stand alongside whirling sonic bombasts featuring Mr. Kozelek's squealing electric guitar. Sound like something from Neil Young? Yes, but it's been awhile since Mr. Young has produced a work this good."

Well, I certainly don't agree with that last comment by any means, but still Sun Kil Moon's latest 'Ghosts of the Great Highway' is worth checking out. More music for those not just 40+ on Jim Fusilli 's website.

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