Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Jeff Tweedy Interview in RollingStone

From, Jeff Tweedy discusses the new album "A Ghost is Born", rehab, and the state of affairs. The interview is by Colin Devenish (May 11, 2004)". On Tweedy's recent treatment:

    "It's something I've struggled with for a long time and even further back, I struggled with depression and anxiety and panic disorder. I went to a dual diagnosis center that treated the chemical dependency and the depression. I had never put it together that these things were intertwined, the depression, the migraines and the medication. I'm not embarrassed about it at all. It was a really beautiful experience. I spent a lot of time sitting in a room with crack addicts whose lives were total wrecks, but they were putting their lives back together. All my best friends now are crack addicts."

Tweedy on the current state of affairs:

    "I think it's a really dismaying and disheartening period of time to live in America, to be honest. I find myself really struggling with having so much stuff out of my control that I can't change. I feel so powerless over so many things that you wish you could fix and just inundated with deception and lies and this horrible feeling about our future. And that's all real external stuff and it is stuff that's probably not that unique to any period of time. Any period of time you want to pick there's probably a really shitty place in the world to live and horrible stuff. But it also has to do with getting older and having kids and seeing them forming identities and having your identity change. Maybe that has something to do with having a bit higher profile in the last few years then I've ever had in my life and I wonder how much is real and how much has been projected on me. And I think the conclusion is that none of it is real, what do you define yourself by? You define yourself by the people you love and that's enough."

More on A Ghost Is Born. Thanks to Chromewaves on the heads up!


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