Sunday, July 18, 2004

2Expensive 4Teens 2Hear

An article on the high cost of concert tickets in the Washington Post called "I Grew Up at Rock Concerts, But My Kid's Shut Out" by Martha Randolph Carr. It is a parent's lament on their child missing out on one of the great rites of passages - going to a concert with friends.

"Something's being lost here, and it's not just ticket revenues. It's the group experience. It's the chance for a generation to define itself on the ground level -- sharing a feeling of self-importance that's very useful in the early teens. That feeling helps give kids the courage to figure out who they are and begin becoming part of society at large.

As each crop of youngsters comes forward, music helps them feel a connection, and standing in a packed, loud, sweaty arena magnifies those feelings tenfold. There's nothing like looking around a sea of faces getting into the same song to convince you that maybe you do know a little about what you're doing after all. It's also an aspect of culture that has uncommon staying power. "


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