Monday, January 03, 2005

Jason Molina and Magnolia Electric Co

Over on Mansion On The Hill a post on Jason Molina and Magnolia Electric Co. from a Pulse of the Twin Citiesreview by Rob van Alstyne:

"Jason Molina was born with the kind of high and lonesome tenor any Neil Young-ophile would kill for. Just like Young, it took Molina awhile to come around to embracing his voice (he spent his formative years as a sideman, playing bass in various heavy metal and classic rock cover bands around his native Ohio). For the last decade, however, Molina’s been front and center, unleashing a series of dark and dense albums at a dizzying rate under the moniker Songs: Ohia, and, more recently, The Magnolia Electric Company. In 2003 Molina finally assembled the stable backing band he’s always longed for, and has been indulging his classic-rock jones to full effect ever since."

The article continues on the Neil and Crazy Horse connections with Molina's homage to “Out On the Weekend”'s lyrics.

“[Neil Young] just happens to make music that everyone in the band likes. It’s the music I put on when I’m at home—whether that’s cool or not. I’m really used to the [comparisons with Neil Young] by this point, but I’ve never really gotten comfortable with it. It comes with the job unfortunately. It seems like I get compared to something different with each record. I’ve seen comparisons to both Lynyrd Skynyrd and Leonard Cohen before, and that seems like quite a leap to me. When critics have to make comparisons that wide-ranging I figure I must be doing something right.”

Jason Molina's album Songs: Ohia is what neumu's Michael Goldberg called: "the best Neil Young album since Ragged Glory".


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