Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Jay Farrar Interview on Son Volt Reunion


So how's that Son Volt reunion coming along? An interview with Jay Farrar in Los Angeles Times (via Arizona Central) by Randy Lewis discusses the lineup changes for the studio recording sessions with new guitarist Brad Rice, bassist Andrew Duplantis and drummer Dave Bryson.

Farrar was asked about calling this a "Son Volt" effort:
JAY FARRAR: "The songs that are going to be on the record in a lot of ways are more melodic and up-tempo than some of the stuff that's been on the previous couple of solo records. In a way, I'm just getting back to that. The solo records represent an opportunity for me to do something different and experiment in different arrangements and instrumentation.

"Son Volt represent a certain spirit of songwriting with an emphasis on trying to capture what four musicians playing together can do."

More on Son Volt in studio. Thanks for the link from Some Depression.


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