Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pod People

ipodOK, so everybody has an iPod and loves music.

The Wasington Post examines Apple's iPod phenomenon in an article by Linton Weeks.

Weeks writes that "Music is a luxurious necessity" and quotes Mark Tramo, a neuroscientist at Harvard Medical School who believes that music is a universal language, who says: "There has never been a human culture existing or extinct that has not had music."

"Certain melodies inspire, arouse, invigorate. Others provoke, insult, infuriate. As we've learned from watching decades of movies and TV shows, effective music can move us to tears and to cheers. It pumps up the color and texture of reality; the mundane morphs into art. We subconsciously listen for resolution in music, the way we naturally yearn for color-wheel answers in paintings and solutions to well-written mysteries."

So there you have it. An expert's opinion of why we love music. I'm sure you needed to know.


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