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My Morning Jacket and Kathleen Edwards on NPR Webcast

kathleen-edwards-930-101005.jpg my-morning-jacket-930-101005.jpg
Kathleen Edwards and My Morning Jacket
The 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.

Photos by Joel Didriksen for

NPR's webcast of My Morning Jacket's and Kathleen Edwards concert at Washington, D.C.'s 9:30 Club on October 10 is now up and streaming. Just an awesome show. Check out listener supported radio.

Also, see photo galleries on NPR and Joel Didriksen for Nice shots. Setlist below. There is also an interview with MMJ and Jim James.

From aaron's blog:
"Canadian Kathleen Edwards has recorded some great rocking out tunes and a few slow ones, all the while intertwined with some twang. Her husky voice sounds very much cigarette and booze inspired (and she did nothing to dissuade the booze part, finishing her set by downing a shot), and works well with her many tales of failed and failing relationships on her two albums, 2003's Failer and this year's Back to Me. Her set used a five-piece band, most of the time employing three lead guitars, a bass, and drums. This led to some serious jams in her 45-minute set, which essentially expanded on eight of her songs. She got to most of my favorites (given that her music never gets played on local radio, I'm not sure if any can be considered "hits"). I missed two things from her set: the horn used on the album version of "12 Bellevue," and the song "Hockey Skates" off her first album. Also, her voice wasn't at the peak that I found it on the albums (no surprise I suppose). That being said, these are mere quibbles from a great live performance."

From Drive Like Hell blog review by Dallas Hudgens:
"MMJ rocked so hard on main-set closer "Run Thru," complete with disco-synth breakdown, they might as well have been called My Morning Bulldozer."

From the wild, the innocent, and the DC shuffle blog review of My Morning Jacket's set:
"The boys started off with the first 3 songs off of the new record in order, then launched into a blistering take on “One Big Holiday” which really got the crowd going. the songs from Z that translated best live were the dueling guitar of “Lay Low”, the bouncy rhythm of “Off The Record” and straight-ahead rock of “Anytime”, which closed the 5-song encore. not much off of At Dawn, but there were nice versions of “The Way That He Sings” and the title track, and the band treated long-time fans by reaching all the way back to debut The Tennessee Fire for “I Think I’m Going To Hell” and lovely, lesser-known track “Sooner” off the Chocolate And Ice EP. It Still Moves is prob my least favorite release of the band’s (still love it), but the show was punctuated by great takes on favorites “Mahgeeta” in the encore and “Golden” with Edwards on backing vocals, and the highlight of the show was a transcendent version of “Run Thru” from It Still Moves, absolutely sick rawk that drove the audience into a frenzy. as always, the band’s energy was super high, and the adoring crowd fed off of James and the boys’ enthusiasm throughout the show."

My Morning Jacket Set List
Wordless Chorus
It Beats For You
One Big Holiday
The Way That He Sings
What a Wonderful Man
Off the Record
Lay Low
Run Thru
At Dawn
I Think I'm Going to Hell
Northern Sky

Kathleen Edwards Set List
Independent Thief
Six O'Clock News
What Are You Waiting For
Good Things
In State
Copied Keys
12 Bellvue
Back to Me

More on Kathleen Edwards and My Morning Jacket.


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