Thursday, November 17, 2005

Jeff Tweedy's Solo Tour


As we recently mentioned, Wilco's Jeff Tweedy has gone solo... at least for the moment.

From The Albany Times Union

via largehearted boy a review of Jeff Tweedy's Monday 11/14 solo performance:
"If Tweedy's solo tour is his attempt to let some of the air out of his reputation, it worked like a charm. Just as the Pixies' acoustic show in the same hall this summer served to demonstrate the sturdiness of the band's songs, Tweedy's set demonstrated that Wilco's success is based first and foremost on his skill as a tunesmith."

Over on An Aquarium Drunkard a download of a MP3 of Tweedy & Minus 5 of Neutral Milk Hotel's "King of Carrott Flowers Pt. 1" (cover).

More MP3 downloads of Wilco performing Touch That Dial's favorite song "Kingpin":

Wilco - Kingpin - Live Chicago 10/30/2004
Wilco - Kingpin - Live Philadelphia 6/23/2005
Wilco - Kingpin - Live London 3/14/2005
Wilco - Kingpin - Live Tempe 11/20/2004

More on Jeff Tweedy and Wilco.


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