Sunday, January 08, 2006

Merle Haggard's 'Chicago Wind' and Neil Young's 'Prarie Wind' - Podcast Review on Americana Roots

merle-haggard-chicago-wind.jpg prairie-wind-cover

The winds blow -- Chicago to the prairie.

From Americana Roots, Ray Randall's Random Review. Ray podcast reviews the new CD from Merle Haggard called 'Chicago Wind' and also reviews Neil Young's new album entitled 'Prarie Wind'.

Ray Randall likes Neil Young's music but finds the lyrics of 'Prairie Wind' tell a "less than cohesive" story.

MP3:Americana Roots - Merle Haggard 'Chicago Wind' & Neil Young's 'Prairie Wind'

(Click the 2nd icon above to listen directly. No idea why 2 buttons appear. If you have suggestions, drop a comment below.)



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