Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jay Farrar Covers "Like A Hurricane"


From An Aquarium Drunkard, some Jay Farrar MP4's. On Farrar's Stone, Steel & Bright Lights, a cover of Neil Young's "Like A Hurricane".
"Recorded throughout September and October of 2003, as Farrar criss-crossed the country with the DC-based 5-piece, Canyon, as his backing band, Stone Steel & Bright Lights offers a diverse collection of Farrar’s solo career. Stone, Steel & Bright Lights documents the acrobatic swings from quiet intimacy to guitar roar that typify Farrar's approach to live performance. Resisting the urge merely to regurgitate his studio recordings, Farrar, with Canyon's help, reinterprets, reinvents and offers up new material. "
MP4: Jay Farrar ::
Like A Hurricane

More on Jay Farrar and Stone, Steel & Bright Lights.


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