Sunday, May 14, 2006

Alejandro Escovedo's Boxing Mirror


From Washington Post Quick Spins reveiw Alejandro Escovedo's Boxing Mirror by Lisa Quintela:
"Aside from mulling over his personal rite of passage, the singer-songwriter weaves in an audible timeline of his musical past, including his early punk and cowpunk gigs, a brief tryst with '90s garage rock and his subsequent seven solo albums.

Three decades later, Escovedo's inspired sound still remains consistently varied, fusing the usual Lou Reed, Neil Young and David Bowie influences into such songs as 'Break This Time,' while intermittently peppering in Tex-Mex rock and string-stroked chamber pop throughout. Despite the gratifying guitar licks and creative cello orchestrations, 'The Boxing Mirror' occasionally falls prey to a clunky lyricism that overshadows Escovedo's characteristically husky voice. Repetitive hooks, reflected in the album's title song, all too often become monotonous, languishing in an artistic no-man's land, somewhere between Sammy Hagar and Lyle Lovett. Produced by Velvet Underground maverick John Cale, the album nevertheless glistens with a few sonic gems, including the melodic 'One True Love.' Fans in Escovedo's corner might feel that with 'The Boxing Mirror,' however, this musical pugilist just might be pulling his punches."

More Alejandro Escovedo - Search and listen and play MP3 sample of "Boxing Mirror".


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