Monday, September 29, 2003

Blogs and Music

From our favorite blog The Rock and Roll Report comes a link to an interesting article in The Guardian about blogging and music:

"Blogging can often seem like a self-involved, self-referential world. However, the music blogs are actually about something. As a result, they're finding a place in the larger media ecology of the music business, becoming a place to find out about 'the next big thing' and sample quality writing about music. For the music magazines in particular, blogs are a potential source of new writing talent. And, as their quality and range increases, they may even become competitors. "

Story continues with this alarming forecast:

"I can see a generation of hipster/ music-obsessives emerging who will never buy or rarely buy music mags," says Reynolds. "The leading edge of opinion will go to the blogs and the webzines." But he adds that the blogosphere might help revive the mainstream as writers from blogs move on to mainstream titles.

More at Guardian Unlimited | Online | Talkin' my language.

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