Tuesday, September 23, 2003

A Concert Roadtrip - 13 DAYS with Wilco, Neil Young and Jay Farrar

Here's a cool summer concert road trip review report by Dan Takacs of 13 days on the road to see Wilco, Neil Young and Jay Farrar.

The first stop was for Central Park Summerstage (6/27/03) for Wilco with Sonic Youth. Dan's thoughts:

"1) Summerstage is cool as hell, by all means check out a show there, preferably in the summer.
2) Wilco kicks as much ass as I thought they would. I will absolutely go see them whenever they come around again."

Second stop was at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (7/4/03) for Neil Young with Crazy Horse and Lucinda Williams. Dan's thoughts:

"1) The beer tent at SPAC is a total chafe. If you want a brew, you have to get a bracelet to enter a cordoned off area, wait on a long ass line, and drink the beer there, hundreds of yards away from the show.
2) August 5th, Greendale, pick it up."

last stop was The Bowery Ballroom, New York City (7/9/03) for Jay Farrar with Anders Parker, Mark Spencer and Jud Ehrbar. Thoughts:

"1) Another awesome venue. The Bowery Ballroom has featured acts like Lou Reed, The White Stripes, Ween, Elvis Costello, Wilco and many more.
2) After seeing mostly arena and stadium concerts the last few years, it was a nice experience to such a talented act in such an intimate setting, even more so being that I am a fan. Very refreshing. "

Dan has an interesting site with some of his other artistic interests. Check it out at House of Style.

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