Thursday, October 16, 2003

Allison Moorer's "Show" covers 'Don't Cry No Tears'


From Americana UK Reviews - :

"Recorded at Music City's famed 12th & Porter at the start of the year we have material from her previous three studio albums as well as a perfunctory cover of Neil Young's 'Don't Cry No Tears' and a new track 'I'll Break before I Bend' which musically is a stodgy blues rocker with lumpen drumming (which afflicts much of the album) but the lyrics are bitter, bitter, bitter; 'Hell yeah I'd love to make it but I suck at playing games, I'd rather starve than fake it for a little taste of fame, it's wrong to be a doggone pawn singing songs that make you yawn for payments on a long Mercedes Benz, lean on me all you want to, I'll break before I bend'. Hmmm, that's telling them but will it make any difference?"

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