Friday, October 03, 2003

"Clear Channel is destroying radio"

Another article bashing Clear Channel from AlterNet. Has some good comments about one of my favorite Internet radio stations KPIG.

"Clear Channel is destroying radio. At least, that's the popular mantra these days. Radio consolidation – which shifted into high gear with the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and has been fostered by a pro-big-media majority at the Federal Communications Commission – has resulted in the Wal-Martification of radio. Across the nation, stations are being gobbled up by huge chains like Clear Channel, which then monocrop their playlists. It's the same fifty mindless cookie-cutter songs played in an endless, soul-numbing loop, the same conservative talk shows, even the same deejays doing the same shows for simultaneous broadcast in a half-dozen markets nationwide. Jockeys are losing their jobs as the big chains consolidate and centralize their work forces. There, in the distance, is the faint swan song of independent radio. Abandon all hope, ye who flip thy radio dial. "

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