Friday, November 07, 2003

Bottle Rockets and No Depression


From No Depressioncover article in the Nov. issue is on the Bottle Rockets by Scott Manzler. Bottle Rockets' Brian Henneman is discusses David Gates & Bread:

'What's funny, is when you get right down to it, David Gates isn't THAT far away from Neil Young.' Several months later he adds, 'It's true, I believe that. It's not the chasm Neil Young lovers might think that it is, if you think about it. It's that singer-songwriter heartfelt kind of thing.

With Neil, just naturally, it's cooler, and it's more shrouded with that hippie voice, you know. If he could sing [Henneman appropriates a whining drawl] 'I want to make it with you'- you know, if he did that on Tonight's the Night, nobody would question it. Nobody would ever say, 'Listen to that sappy crap.' Henneman continues: 'Neil Young always had a great melody, and so did David Gates. It's just, David Gates had that sweet voice, and he had the production that they used. But you just gotta imagine Neil Young singing it. And then it can work.'"


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