Thursday, November 20, 2003

Emmylou Harris and the 40 Greatest US Bands Today


From The Rock and Roll Report a tip on an article from Guardian Unlimited on "The 40 Greatest US Bands Today" where Emmylou Harris comes in at #38 (with a score of 53):

"Since her historic hook-up with Gram Parsons in 1972, which left her inspired by Parsons' vision of fusing country music with a cutting-edge rock attitude, Emmylou Harris has been in the thick of it as singer, bandleader and, recently, a newly invigorated songwriter. She has guested with everybody from Bob Dylan and Neil Young to Steve Earle. Latest album Stumble Into Grace continues the creative renaissance kicked off by 1995's Wrecking Ball. "

An interesting methodology is used to determine inclusion and score with factors such as style and gigs.

Also included is Steve Earle and Wilco. For more on the other 39 acts see Guardian Unlimited.

And more on Emmylou Harris from Americana UK News: "Rolling Stone briefly notes that in the US at least Rhino Records will re-release five of her albums: 'Pieces of the Sky, Elite Hotel, Luxury Liner, Quarter Moon in a Ten Cent Town' and 'Blue Kentucky Girl' - all with bonus tracks on February 24th."


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