Sunday, November 16, 2003

Punk Rock Today

From an article on punk rock music today "Hey, punk: That may be loud, but it ain't punk" by Ricardo Baca. The article wonders whether Joey Ramone would be proud or devasted by the state of punk today. Johnny Rotten and Neil Young are probably disappointed.

"Thanks to what's been labeled 'punk-pop,' punk rock has been redefined and, more important, repackaged for the today's kids. Green Day's 'Dookie' changed everything almost 10 years ago with its punk rock-influenced pop music. In its footsteps came popular projects by the Offspring, Blink-182, MXPX and more recently, A Simple Plan and New Found Glory.

Leading the way in today's sanitized punk-pop invasion is Good Charlotte. The Washington, D.C.-based group, brought the assault full-on with the year-old release "Young and the Hopeless," the band's second. The CD is punk-influenced - its Misfits-esque design is familiar and it features guitarist Benji Madden in foot-tall hair spikes - although musically, it's a far cry from punk."

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