Thursday, November 13, 2003

The Minus 5 Get Down With Wilco

From +++ neumu [ datastream ]: The Minus 5 Get Down With Wilco by Ryan Dombal:

"What rock 'n' roll needs now is some good old-fashioned teamwork. While hip-hop and dance artists thrive on endless collaborations and guest appearances, rock bands rarely look to each other for a little help nowadays. And with so many great bands sprouting up all over the rock landscape, that's a damn shame. It's a good thing Scott McCaughey, onetime frontman for Seattle pop-rockers the Young Fresh Fellows, unofficial current member of R.E.M., and leader of the collabo-friendly pop collective the Minus 5, is around to prove that two heads can indeed be better than one. 'There are always people out there that I would love to do things with,' said the jovial singer, whose latest Minus 5 release prominently features one of the best rock bands going: Wilco."

More on Wilco, Jeff Tweedy & Neil Young.

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