Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Andy Olmsted “Find Your Way Home” (Fat Cuz Records 2003)

From Americana UK Reviews:

"As the cover of "Find Your Way Home" features the Longfellow Bridge across the Charles River almost eclipsed by a snowstorm, and as I've traipsed over it and up Mass Ave in similar conditions, I immediately warmed to Andy Olmsted, as I figure we'd already done some bonding. Add that to a gentle folk/country sound that is somewhere between The Handsome Family and the acoustic side of Neil Young, and you really have something going here. It's not wall-to-wall classic numbers, but it's very likeable, and it walks a line which shows an appreciation nonetheless of classic singer-songwriter-isms as well as a nod to the happily downbeat. If it's possible to imagine, vocally Olmsted sounds like the bastard love child of the aforementioned Canadian and Tom Petty, and it's their collective slight sneer that gives an edge to proceedings."

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