Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Ad Vanderveen: Dutch Neil Young

From Americana UK Reviews on Ad Vanderveen's 'The Moment That Matters' (Unique Gravity 2003):

"Ok let's get it out of the way, this is the Dutch Neil Young, an almost perfect facsimile of his songwriting and performance style, he even has the great man's sister singing backing vocals. One good thing about it is that it is a distillation of all that is good about Neil Young (country rock). We have acoustic After the Goldrush numbers, guitar workouts with huge slabs of molten melody twisted and pulled into weird shapes and a complete absence of vocoders. What you also get is a Gillian Welch cover, some mandolins fluttering like fledglings ready to leave the nest and a 12 minute epic in the vein of Cortez the Killer complete with Crazy Horse guitar pyrotechnics as guitars reach for their extremes before exploding. If you like Neil you can't help liking this, he obviously cares about what he is doing and takes the time and effort to get precisely what he wants, which is, any way you slice it, classic Young. Well worth it for all those people who've ever enjoyed Like a Hurricane. "

And over on Vanderveen's site at www.advanderveen.com you can pick up a MP3 link to his cover of Neil Young's Powderfinger accompanied by his sister Astrid Young.

Also, seeAstrid Young & Ad Vanderveen page.

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