Thursday, November 13, 2003

Bettie Serveert at the Southpaw in Brooklyn, New York

From PopMatters Chris Fallon on Bettie Serveert concert on 8 October 2003 at the Southpaw in Brooklyn, New York:

"A recent Rolling Stone referred to the legendary Television as being akin to the Grateful Dead, of all bands, because of their prolonged, lyric-less jams which recall Jimi Hendrix's delightfully psychedelic excess, but filtered through the urban grime of early '70s proto-punk. Visser likewise channels the psychedelia of both Hendrix and Neil Young but in an even more rudimentary way -- close your eyes and you're not at an indie rock show in Brooklyn, you're at Kansas City's Royal Stadium, 1974, witnessing Neil Young duke it out with Steve Stills for improvisational guitar jam supremacy. At times even the surf rock of the Beach Boys can be heard beneath it all. And just before it becomes a retro rehash, van Dyk will step back into the jam, as unexpectedly as she departed, to resume belting out her raw but tender voice, switching up the focus of the song and easing us back into the present with lyrics about the 'pre-fab world' we're all living in. "

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