Friday, January 23, 2004

Jay Farrar abandons 'alt country'

Jay Farrar


"Jay Farrar - the man credited with starting the Alternative Country genre - produces an experimental album which abandons the sound he is credited with creating. Farrar is seen as the godfather of alt country - otherwise known as Americana - after he formed Uncle Tupelo in the early 1980s."

"Terroir Blues, the latest album by Farrar is a highly experimental work. It is an ambitious 23-track CD featuring backwards-played tape and five different "Space Junk" tracks - which has more in common with the Beatles' Revolver than alt country.

"Indeed, Terroir Blues is much more reminiscent of Neil Young, and especially his famous album Tonight's The Night."

"Farrar says: 'The most surprising thing is that alt country was perceived as a movement - in actuality, I don't know if it ever was.'

An interesting interview with Jay with comments on Uncle Tupelo, Sebastopol, and more.


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