Sunday, February 22, 2004

My Morning Jacket rates with Gram Parsons and Neil Young

From's My Morning Jacket review:

"This band belongs right beside Gram Parsons and Neil Young. Hopefully My Morning Jacket will stand the test of time and become as legendary as those guys. This album is ideal on headphones in order to feel like you are right on the farm with James and the boys. It Still Moves is one of those albums that most definitely will stand the test of time and only get better and better with repeated listens."

And this is pretty funny from a review of My Morning Jacket's "It Still Moves" in Smoky Mountain News | by Jay Hardwig:

"The album is a collection of dreamy, drawn-out evanescent emo-country-pop excursions, chock full of glammy art-rock pretensions and hewing close to the central tenets of the Neil Young School of Flaccid Ballads. They're mournful, fuzzy, sprawling things, they all sound alike, and none of them stick with you two minutes after they're done. "

Well, don't believe the critics on this one, because I just can't say enough about My Morning Jacket after seeing their concert at DC's 9:30 Club. Check'em out when they come to your town.


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