Sunday, February 01, 2004

Michael Weston King 'A Decent Man' (Floating World 2003)

From Americana UK Reviews:

"Michael Weston King is both an undervalued and under-estimated talent in this country - undervalued in terms of the general lack of awareness of the type of crowd he can pull on the continent, and underestimated in terms of his determination to get his music out there and heard. The good news about his new album 'A Decent Man' is that he won't have to try particularly hard - it's easily King's strongest work to date and sells itself and its strengths just five minutes into the record.

Players like the legendary Ian McNabb and the not-but-he-should-be Alan Cook (whose lapsteel is as always sublime) only add to the professionalism of the sound. Occasionally things don't work as well as they should - the cover of Pete Townshend's 'Blue, Red and Grey' feels slightly awkward (and certainly doesn't have the vibrancy of the other stripped down cover on the record - Neil Young's 'Love in Mind'), but it's a small flaw in an otherwise hugely accomplished album that will put the name 'Michael Weston King' into a few more households - and deservedly so. MW "

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