Monday, January 26, 2004

Steve Earle: Perhaps second only to Neil Young?

From Blogcritics on Steve Earle's double-CD live set "Just An American Boy" by critic Eric Olsen :

"Steve Earle has become one of our greatest songwriters, producers, impresarios and accumulator of roots music styles - as a widely eclectic master he is perhaps second only to Neil Young (who finds the essence of and takes ownership of most every style he touches) - in Earle's case: roots rock, outlaw country, bluegrass, Irish folk, neo-psychedelia, folk balladeering."

While critic Olsen respects and appreciates Earle's music, he is troubled by Earle's political ranting on the CD. A few readers take Olsen to task for injecting personal politics into a music review. Hmm, sound familiar?

More on music and politics.


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