Thursday, March 11, 2004

Cat Power's "You Are Free" - Sensitive sensibility not unlike Young

From on those complaining about the sorry state of today's music scene by Michael Fremer:

"I asked that guy at the party if he liked Neil Young's Harvest. 'Of course,' he relied, testily. 'Well then, ' I told him, 'do yourself a favor and pick up Cat Power's latest, You Are Free. The analogy was very rough, but Chan (pronounced 'Shawn') Marshall's (A/K/A 'Cat Power) introspective, sensitive sensibility is not unlike Neil Young's (or more to the point, Joni Mitchell's), then and probably now. On this, her latest album, and her first since 1998's Moon Pix (Matador Ole-286-1) to include original songs, Marshall exhibits a finely hewn folk/traditional sensibility but thoroughly modernized for contemporary ears. And if a few of the 14 songs don't quite make it, enough here is worthy of your attention. "

Thanks Bob!


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