Monday, April 05, 2004

The Moon Is A Lightbulb Breaking: In Memory Of Elliott Smith

From MAGNET Magazine a tribute to Elliott Smith's music by Corey duBrowa:
"Like Elliott Smith - as big a Beatles fan as there probably ever was - I never met John Lennon. I saw Nirvana as many times as most people of my relative age and musical proclivities (maybe even a few more, since I was practically in their backyard when the band and grunge 'broke'), but Kurt Cobain was always more of a generational icon to me than any kind of tangible presence. I was living in New York when Jeff Buckley emerged fully formed from his residency at Sin-e to go on to critical acclaim and superstardom. But standing several rows back from the stage in a Manhattan nightclub was as close as I ever got to him.

Elliott Smith, on the other hand, was decidedly real to me. Human. Humble. Flawed. Generous. Opinionated. Fragile. He was all of these things (and a good deal more) to countless others as well."

More on Elliott Smith and his musical legacy.


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