Thursday, May 13, 2004

Cowboy Junkies Cover "Helpless" on One Soul Now


The Cowboy Junkies will release their ninth album, 'One Soul Now', on Cooking Vinyl later this month, according to Ireland's RT'.ie. The first 10,000 copies will be released with a limited edition EP, featuring an eclectic selection of covers including 'Thunder Road' (Bruce Springsteen), 'Helpless' (Neil Young) and '17 Seconds' (The Cure).

And from an interview with lead vocalist Margo Timmins in Glide Magazine, she is asked about the writing and recording process.

    Margo Timmins: "You know, not any more. This is like our ninth or tenth record. At this point, we have our sound and we know what that sound is and we know how to do our part. So, it's not like in the old days I used to get a song and think, 'this is sort of a Neil Young kind of song,' so we should do, you know, whatever style Neil Young was doing or being associated with, and then try to do what he was doing, and then try to incorporate that.

    But I don't really do that anymore; now I sort of hear a song and figure out the way I want to do it. Sometimes when we're working on a song and trying to create a groove, if we're having difficulty, we'll talk in terms of that and say, 'well this is sort of a Neil Young and Crazy Horse sound,' something like that, and it will put us all to say 'ok, yeah, got it.' So we sort of talk in terms of that, but again, none of us feel like we have to do it that way."


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