Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A Cherry Ghost is Born Review

wilco group
And the Wilco reviews of "A Ghost is Born" continue with their comparisons to Neil Young and Crazy Horse -- almost to point of absurdity as this Blogcritics review by Jane Ripley notes:

"It's amusing to hear what the other critics are saying about this album. I found Kelefa Sanneh's story in The New York Times informative, yet I didn't agree with her opinion that the 15-minute song "Less than you Think" was an attempt by Wilco to alienate their baby boomer fans. There are numerous classic-rock influences on A Ghost is Born, so I'm sure the oldsters will eat this up. I can hear the T.Rex in "I'm a Wheel", and the Beatles (circa the White Album days) in "Muzzle of Bees". I shouldn't even mention the obvious Neil Young and Crazy Horse-like guitar because every other reviewer already did. "


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