Monday, June 21, 2004

Wilco's 'A Ghost Is Born' Reflects a Band's Struggle on NPR

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An excellent review on NPR of Wilco's 'A Ghost Is Born'. From the NPR site:

    "The rock band Wilco's latest CD, A Ghost is Born, was recorded during the lead singer's battle with an addiction to painkillers, among other distractions. Many of the Chicago group's songs reflect this tense and hallucinatory period in the singer's life. Critic Tom Moon has a review."

A few clips are played and insights on the album are offered. Moon says that:
    "Tweedy's use of the guitar isn't too make things pretty. Instead he uses savage, wild lunges to puncuate the verses. And to inject danger into otherwise lovely songs."

Brace yourself -- tomorrow's the day of the release of "Ghost".


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