Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Marjorie Fair with 21st century's "After The Goldrush"

Marjorie Fair's latest "Self-help Serenade" has Neil Young's influence all over it according to the Belfast Telegraph.

"Like My Morning Jacket, Marjorie Fair owe a fair debt to Neil Young. Snippets from the master craftsman's mellower side are plainly evident throughout the work of these two highly talented acts. And both have learned a lot from their mentor. In Marjorie Fair's case, the result is that these new masters of melancholy have produced a dream debut."

"From the gorgeous opener, Don't Believe - a beautifully delicate and sombre song - the tempo rarely moves up a gear, bar the odd bit of churning, droning guitar. And by the time you've reached "My Sun Is Setting Over Her Magic", arguably the 21st century's "After The Goldrush" with its fragile melodies and evocative lyrics, the chill-out meter's hitting maximum."


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