Monday, May 31, 2004

The Bronx Cover Neil's "The Needle And The Damage Done"


The Bronx covered Neil Young's "The Needle And The Damage Done" at Amsterdam's Paradiso Club according to a review in New Musical Express by Pat Long:

"The plush Paradiso is a former church with a neat village hall atmos, managed by people who believe the optimum start time for a headline band is half past eight. This means that as The Bronx rip into, say, the 500mph goth-punk hammerblow of 'Bats', the spring sun is still creeping in through huge bay windows. Plus, it being a Monday night, the place is pretty much only half full. Dutch audiences are generally well-heeled, polite and very, very stoned anyway, which means that the beery shirts-off crowd-surf heroics The Bronx usually feed off are entirely absent.

They opt instead to play very fast, very loud and very short: almost exactly on the stroke of nine Matt drops his mic and they amble offstage. Still, 30 minutes is enough for The Bronx to exhibit both a depth and a wink that removes them from the grimacing Warped Tour rabble: few other hardcore bands would dare to play a fragile version of buckskinned hippy icon Neil Young's early-'70s anti-smack anthem 'The Needle And The Damage Done'. Still fewer would be able to make it sound so good. But - oh yes - just like Amsterdam, The Bronx thrive on contradictions. Much more fun than anything the red light district has to offer, this is a different kind of Hot Fucking Live Show."


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