Saturday, May 15, 2004

Jonathan Rice Covers Neil Young's 'The Old Laughing Lady'

cardigans.jpg The Cardigans photo by

Jonathan Rice covered Neil Young's 'The Old Laughing Lady' @ Lee's Palace, in Toronto, May 13, 2004 according to a review over on Rice opened for The Cardigans. From the review:

    "Opener Jonathan Rice was decidedly underwhelming. It became apparent three songs into his set when he decided to 'go local' by covering Neil Young's 'The Old Laughing Lady' that this boy had little concept of restraint or delicacy. Pretty much everything was drowned in overwrought and over-emoted delivery that overwhelmed any redeeming qualities his songs might have had. Only Chad Kroeger can get away with holding a single syllable that long, and Chad Kroeger still sucks. By the end of his set, I was rooting around in my bag looking for a Game Boy, and I don't even have a Game Boy. "

Oh well. But the Cardigans were great. Read the review and lots of super Cardigans photos over on


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