Sunday, May 16, 2004

Kathryn Williams Covers Neil Young's "Birds"

Kathryn Williams.jpg Kathryn Williams.

Kathryn Williams covers Young's song "Birds" on her new album Relations, according to the Sunday Herald . Here are Kathryn Williams notes on the cover of "Birds":

    "There are loads of songs by Neil Young that would be great to do. He's such a man's man, but writes with such tenderness and feeling. I think this is a really good example of the way I try to do things. It's a band doing as little as possible for maximum effect."

Also covered on Kathryn Williams' new album are Kurt Cobain's "All Apologies", "These Days" by Jackson Browne, and "Candy Says" by Lou Reed, among others. For more, see Kathryn Williams.


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