Tuesday, June 15, 2004

My Morning Jacket Looks Ahead

"My Morning Jacket singer/songwriter Jim James says the band's recent live EP, 'Acoustic Citsuoca,' is more than just a treat for fans. 'I definitely see it as the end of a chapter, just because it is the last recording that [original guitarist] Johnny Quaid and [original keyboardist] Danny Cash are on,' he said. 'I don't know about the beginning of a new chapter. I think it will have to be a different book. I see us going in different directions but still doing a lot of stuff we did before.' Currently finishing up a seven-week club tour in support of 2003's 'It Still Moves' (ATO) with new members Carl Broemel (guitar) and Bo Koster (keyboardist), the Kentucky-based band has about a dozen shows scheduled Stateside and in Europe over the next month, with more dates expected to be added soon. Once touring ends in late summer, James says he will retire to his home to begin writing the band's fourth studio release. 'I think we've done enough touring,' he admits. 'We need to disappear for a while.' Among the songs already in the hopper is the tentatively titled 'Oxen,' which is currently part of the band's live repertoire. As for a release date, a tired James is making no promises. 'I don't know -- one thing I've learned in the last year or two is that everything moves so fast,' says James. 'I just want to sit down and make this next record and when I'm done with it, I want to think it is the greatest record we ever made. If it takes two weeks, it takes two weeks. If it takes two years, then it takes two years. But I just don't want to rush it.' "


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