Friday, July 23, 2004

Noble lineage of Neil Young & Sonic Youth Upheld by just one Group: Wilco

In a review of Wilco's performance in London's Astoria in the UK Telegraph, Andrew Perry writes:

"American rock is thriving, but only in certain specialised fields, such as horror-metal, retro garage-blues, and so-called 'emo' (emotional) punk.

Almost completely inconspicuous are the kind of acts, such as Neil Young or Sonic Youth, whose music is marked by a love of exploration within tradition, by the desire to re-route the classic forms of rock in experimental new directions. In fact, that noble lineage is currently upheld by just one group - Wilco.

Good-natured, grounded but electrically charged, Tweedy was the kind of rock star they don't seem to make any more. His moment has surely arrived."


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