Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Steve Earle's 'The Revolution Starts...Now'

stone steel album

Steve Earle's new album 'The Revolution Starts...Now' will be out on August 24th comes word from

The album was produced by the twangtrust (Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy) and there are a couple of advance tracks available for listening on his site including:

"F The CC"
"Rich Man's War
"The Revolution Starts Now"

Steve is not a happy camper. He pulls no punches with patriotic lyrics like: "F*** the FCC /f*** the FBI / f*** the CIA / I'm living in the motherf***ing U.S.A." The spoken word track 'Warrior' is chilling.

No doubt a high volatile mixture of music and politics, Earle is fired up enough to take on even the National Security Advisor Condoleeza Rice in "Condi, Condi". Earle also duets with country legend Emmylou Harris on the beautiful "Comin' Around".

Steve will also be on the Tell Us The Truth Tour CD out in October.

Here's the track listing for 'The Revolution Starts...Now' :

1. The Revolution Starts...
2. Home To Houston
3. Rich Man's War
4. Warrior
5. The Gringo's Tale
6. Condi, Condi
7. F The CC
8. Comin' Around (featuring Emmylou Harris)
9. I Thought You Should Know
10. The Seeker
11. The Revolution Starts Now


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