Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Jim Byrnes Band covers "For The Turnstiles"

The Jim Byrnes Band has a cover of Neil Young's "For The Turnstiles" on their latest CD Fresh Horses. Expecting to Fly posts on Rust:

    "Jim Byrnes' is kind of a
    bluesy/rootsy singer/guitarist and this album is about
    half covers, half originals and it's terrific. He writes
    some really soulful stuff like a song called 12 Questions
    and the opener B's Blues. There's a country song called
    The Embers which is just beautiful. The covers are great.
    The title track is an instrumental cover. He does a decent
    job on Dylan's Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues. One of the
    best tracks on the album is his cover of For The
    Turnstiles. It's fantastic; I actually like it better than
    Neil's version on On The Beach."

Thanks e2f!


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