Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Drive By Truckers and Greendale


The Drive By Truckers' front guy Patterson Hood is interviewed in Glide Magazine by Shane Handler

Q: You talk about the songs fitting together, and The Dirty South seems to fall into a concept album realm, much like Neil Young’s Greendale. But Greendale revolves around idealism, and The Dirty South offers a more realistic message, one in which people don’t have a choice to revolt and try and change the world. Do you agree?

Patterson Hood: I saw Neil Young last summer when he was doing the Greendale tour. I really liked the first two-thirds of the record and then he loses me. It’s kind of like somewhere after Grandpa dies, it’s like an attempted Utopian ending or something that I didn’t get. I say that as the utmost Neil Young fan, but I felt some of the moments on that record were real high points, and there are great songs on there, although some of them were a bit longer than I would have liked them to be. I guess I can say that about some of my songs too. I tend to romanticize the three-minute pop song, but it seems like when I attempt to do it, it comes out at five (laughs).

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Also, see Nine Bullets for an archive of DBT setlists, bit torrents, and recording information.


At 8/01/2008 02:43:00 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

As amazing as The Drive-by Truckers' albums always are, some might mistake them to be a great studio band, however, they constantly deliver in their live performances. Check out this video of them playing Sink Hole at the Voodoo Experience in 2006. http://www.thetenthritual.com/?content=video


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