Saturday, September 11, 2004

Wilco Bundles Book With Unreleased Tracks


From Billboard: on new Wilco Book out on Nov. 15.

The book will feature an exclusive CD with 12 previously unreleased songs from the album "A Ghost Is Born." Among the cuts are an alternate version of album track "Hummingbird," "Pure Bug Beauty," "The High Heat," "Barnyard Pimp" and "Diamond Claw."

The tracks showcase the more experimental side of Wilco's sound, including "What Good Am I," which was recorded in February 2003 in a hotel room in Perth, Australia. "Barnyard Pimp" blends a studio improvisation session with a tour bus jam, while "Rottnest" features only former member Leroy Bach on piano and Mikael Jorgensen on laptop computer. Closer "Hamami" finds band members utilizing screws, coins and chunks of metal as percussion instruments.

Jorgensen calls "Diamond Claw" "technically and musically my favorite piece of recorded music that came out of the sessions for 'A Ghost Is Born.'" As for album contender "The High Heat," he notes, "This particular drum sound isn't my favorite; it's rather unsophisticated. However, the feel and atmosphere of the tune trumps and technical issues that I have."

Here is the track list for "The Wilco Book" CD:

"Pure Bug Beauty"
"This Is New"
"Diamond Claw"
"This Is New (The Explanation)"
"What Good Am I"
"Here Comes Everybody"
"Hummingbird" (Soma version)
"The High Heat"
"Barnyard Pimp"


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