Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Redlands Palomino Co “By The Time You Hear This…”

Sometimes known as Britain’s finest country rockers, Redlands Palomino Co new album “By The Time You Hear This…” has a lyrical Neil Young reference. From Americana UK Reviews by Mark Phillips:

"Conviction, Love and Credibility are three qualities so sadly lacking in so much British country influenced music, and yet here is a London based Anglo-Welsh band with well written songs which sound convincing and with a deep knowledge of folk, country, blues and 60’s rock. They’re appropriately scruffy and have enough rock n roll scuzz about them to ensure that when the more contemplative and melancholic numbers happen, you’re more inclined to believe that they’ve lived life and are singing from experience.

On the song “Doin’ It For The Country”, which is for every English boy or girl who defiantly loves the hurt of a pedal steel, even though they shouldn’t:

“I’m doin’ it for the country,
I’m doin’ it for GP,
I’m doin’ it for Neil Young and for Crazy Horse, ‘coz God knows they do it for me….!”

Sounds like we need to check out Redlands Palomino Co.


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