Sunday, August 08, 2004

Dios covers Neil Young's sublime 'Birds'

A clever and humorous review from NME of the new album by Dios by Alex Needham:

"While 'Nobody's Perfect' and 'You Got Me All Wrong' are authentically and memorably tuneful, other songs reveal Dios to be West Coast psychedelia's equivalent to Ikea. Their songs are serviceable, accessible and respectable in appearance, but are ultimately a cobbled-together approximation of someone else's classic design. This becomes glaringly apparent when Dios cover Neil Young's sublime 'Birds' and make it sound exactly like everything else on the album - full of the sunbaked, soft-headed torpor brought on by too many summertime spliffs. The incorporation of The Beach Boys' 'You Still Believe In Me' into 'Fifty Cents' makes their deficiencies even more obvious."


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