Thursday, September 02, 2004

Jeff Tweedy Filtered

jeff tweedy

An extensive interview with Wilco's Jeff Tweedy over on Filter. Tweedy is asked about Elliott Smith’s last days trying to cleanup and asking about Jeff's own treatment.

TWEEDY: That was the same thing that happened to me. I feel really fucking lucky I survived because…[pauses] I didn’t want to kill myself, but I wanted to die. I really did. I was so…so, scared. I didn’t think I’d ever be normal again. It’s just terrifying. You just totally destroy your brain chemistry over a long period of time with opiates, and if you’re already predisposed to having some fluctuation in your brain chemistry anyway – it’s a really scary thing. Like I said, I was just amazed and relieved to find people that understood. I just got so much compassion from this place and the other people in treatment – I was just like, “Wow, you’ve done that too? [Laughs] I thought I was the only one!”

Thanks to Frank on Chromewaves for the link. More on Wilco's latest A Ghost is Born.


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