Thursday, October 21, 2004

Wilco's John Stirratt Interview

Wilco's bassist John Stirratt is interviewed in Pulse of the Twin Cities. Rob van Alstyne writes about the presence of Nels Cline who "provides Tweedy with an appropriate sparring partner for his Neil Young-via-Television feedback explorations." Stiratt discusses the new Wilco lineup which includes guitarist Nels Cline:

"The new lineup really changes everything completely. The band has always reflected the personalities of the people involved in it. And this is really kind of an exciting mode now, just to have a larger ensemble. With Yankee Hotel we were unable to play a lot of the sounds live, so we had to rely more on samples, which at the time we looked at with excitement because it was something that we hadn’t done. But I think that this lineup really reflects a lot of the goals that we had when making [A Ghost is Born], which was really to capture the sound of people playing in a room and creating nontraditional sounds but doing it by hand and in the moment, not after the fact."

More on Wilco's "A Ghost is Born" and Neil Young's influence on it's sound.


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