Saturday, January 29, 2005

Wilco Happens

Well, another day, another Wilco post. Lots going on in Wilco World as the band revs up for their 2005 tour.

From Filter Magazine (via Mansion On The Hill) comes word that Wilco is re-releasing A Ghost Is Born with a bonus disc. The new version will be released March 7 with five new tracks, including a previously unreleased outtake and a b-side from their initial recording sessions, as well as live renditions of original album tracks taken from an October 2004 performance in Madison, WI.

Fans who have bought the original album will be able to download the new tracks for free. Very cool, fellas.

Here's the track List:

1. Panthers
2. At Least That's What You Said (live)
3. Late Greats (live)
4. Handshake Drugs (live)
5. Kicking Television

Reaction to the new Wilco disc from Frank at Chromewaves who calls the re-release trend "obnoxious".
"I don't care how you try to justify it, it's a cash grab and a slap in the face to the fans who would want the bonuses since they've almost certainly already bought the original issue. I hardly think there's anyone out there who were on the fence about getting the album, but now that there's a bonus disc they're convinced. It's flat out insulting to the fans, and any artist who goes along with such a marketing plan is diminished in my eyes for doing so.

How could it be that the band that had been so generous to their fans two years ago in giving away the More Like The Moon EP online was now going along with one of the most egregious music marketing tactics of recent times?"

But with the outrage comes redemption with the free download. Says Frank:
"We will never again doubt that Wilco is a band that does right by its fanbase. Amen."

Over on Blogcritics,(where, incidentally, Thrasher's Blog is the Blogcritic of the Day and this post is in The HOT 5!) Sydney posts:
"I think Wilco has to be careful. Their music is still pretty good, but it seems they learned a few lessons with the YHF saga; That is that their fans are fiercely loyal to the point where they care as much about the band as the music.

This is fine and is partly a testamant to the bands excellent track record, however it's dangerous in the sense that Tweedy and co. must avoid assuming that fans will always take their music making as serious as they do.

In other words: I hope they don't assume that everything they set to tape is worthy of release just because it is from WILCO. If they keep selling themselves in this fashion, fans might get a little tired of it. Afterall Wilco's not the only quality band out there.

That being said, they are one of the bands I look forward hearing upon release of a new album (not a collection of live songs and outtakes)."

Also, a MP3 download of "Ashes Of American Flags" from Wilco's recent Austin City Limits broadcast, posted on Via Chicago with a great Nels Cline guitar solo. (Thanks Frank!)

Speaking of Nels, there is an interesting interview with him on
J U N K M E D I A. Cline is asked about how fans have reacted to him as a new band member?
nels-cline wilco
NELS CLINE: "I'm not sure exactly what's going on further back in the hall, but the uberfans (as Wilco calls them) seemed to accept my presence almost immediately. Jeff asserts that each new wrinkle in the Wilco saga alienates about a third of their fans, then they acquire other fans who take their place. I can tell you that I was nervous about being accepted - part of my personality - but that the power of the music seems to have put me in a pretty good light. What really matters is that the band has been inspired and excited about the sound of the new lineup."

In more Wilco news, Americana UK News has a report from Billboard that Wilco, Franz Ferdinand, and Interpol are among the artists that have contributed rare or previously unreleased tracks to a double-disc compilation that will raise funds for Asian tsunami relief. The 26-track set sprang from a partnership with Filter magazine and Urban Outfitters, which will on Feb. 28 begin exclusively selling the album at its retail outlets and Web site.
"The UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund will receive 100% of the proceeds from sales of the collection. Among the notable inclusions here are Interpol's "Slow Hands" remixed by Spoon's Britt Daniel, Franz Ferdinand's "Matinee" remixed by Headman and previously unreleased tracks from Hot Hot Heat ("Apt. 101"), Rilo Kiley ("American Wife"), Clinic ("Fingers") and Earlimart ("Lullaby").

Live tracks have been turned in by Wilco ("Jesus, Etc."), My Morning Jacket ("The Bear"), the Futureheads ("Piece of Crap") and French Kicks ("The Trial of the Century"), while the Queens Of The Stone Age track "Hangin' Tree" is presented in an early version recorded as part of the Desert Sessions series."

And the last item is from SomeDepression which has a great Wilco podcast download. The performance is from April 15, 1995 at McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA with some vintage early Wilco songs and a few Uncle Tupelo classics.

More Wilco happens.


At 5/13/2005 10:35:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Thrasher!
I just read this on

"MY MORNING JACKET supports June 21 thru June 29, except June 26 when support will be THE ROOTS "

June 26 is THE ROOTS when the tour is in Columbia, Maryland.

From the Roving Wilco Reporter:


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