Saturday, January 08, 2005

Wilco on Letterman

Wilco performed "Late Greats" on the David Letterman show last night.
A great song which the band played really tight -- although they seemed somewhat restrained by the format. Nice piano solo by Mike Jorgensen and here's an overhead photo shot of the keys.

Tweedy didn't seem to be quite as goofy as his last Letterman performance of "Hummingbird" or the Jay Leno Show performance of "I'm A Wheel".
Looking forward to tonight's performance on Austin City Limits!
austin-city-limits-logo.jpg wilco-acl-2005-01.jpg
Here's a sneak preview clip of "I'm A Wheel" from the broadcast of ACL. Kick it!
And more on Wilco's A Ghost is Born.
UPDATE 1/10/05: Photos from Wilco's Austin City Limits show.


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